Monday, September 26, 2011

Early Afternoon Slump

Pop Quiz!  What do you do when it's the early afternoon, you're fading fast, and it's September?

Answer: You go to your local Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte, of course!

I've already reviewed pumpkin COFFEES, but lattes take it to a different level.*  I even opted for whipped cream.  My Genaurdi's Starbucks employee was tired, but friendly.  My latte is perfect and improving my mood somewhat.  Baby woke up 3x yesterday night, which I'm not used to because she usually sleeps through the night these days.  Darn you, one-year shots!

What do you think of the new Starbucks logo, while we're at it?  I think it's a-okay!  Not like that new Gap logo of a few years back, which was horrendously ugly.  No, this is simply their old logo sans the Starbucks Coffee circle surrounding the mermaid.  And the mermaid is their signature green instead of black.  It does look a little naked to me, but it still screams "Starbucks"!

Now back to work.

*For those of you who stick to regular coffee or tea: instead of mostly coffee and a little milk, lattes are a shot of espresso and lots of steamed milk. 

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  1. That was me yesterday...exceeeeeept; after all the advertisement for "guess what's here?!" was a hand written sign that said, "Sorry, out of pumpkin spice." AUGH! I haven't even gone to a Starbucks in years. Haha. Got a delicious mocha now I have to go AGAIN for the pumpkin (darn!)

  2. I will be getting one this afternoon. I need a pick me up for my night out tonight with the girls. WooHoo!

  3. Claribari: That stinks! Mochas are my absolute favorite coffee drink.

    Lori: Sounds awesome! I'll have to get one before a Halloween party next month so I don't fall asleep on our friend's couch.