Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grow Your Own Pumpkins!

I got the cutest email yesterday from my sister!  My brother-in-law has taken up gardening.  Not just flowers, but vegetables that his family can eat.  He has grown tomatoes, cucumbers, all sorts of things.  But something that is most exciting is that he has grown pumpkins!

Pumpkins are  (reportedly) going to be extra expensive this year, since many were wiped out due to Hurricane Irene and excessive rain and flooding.  But my sis and bro's pumpkins survived and thrived.  There are even some baby pumpkins on the vine that are still maturing.

And guess how much all this cost?  $1!  That is a steal!  Can't wait to see what designs my brother-in-law and niece come up with when they carve their jack-o-lanterns.  They weren't hard to grow and were planted around mid-May.  They aren't the kind of pumpkins you can bake with (sugar pumpkins) and are strictly going to be used for jack-o-lantern carving.  

Here are some pics!

My adorable nieces and their pumpkins.

The big pumpkin is bigger than Baby's torso!

Big-girl and Baby love their pumpkins!

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  1. Love this post sis!

    Emma is very excited about her BIG pumpkin. She CANNOT wait until her daddy carves it for her. When that is done I will send you pictures of the completed project. If you would like to come over and watch or even carve your own pumkin you are more then welcome. We have three good sized pumkins so the more the merrier! I will ask Emma since they are hers who she wants to give one too. ;-)

  2. Sure! I'd love to see pictures of the finished pumpkins and of your little pumpkin patch.

  3. That is so cool! I will have to add pumpkins to my ever growing garden list that we will be planting next year. :)

  4. Definitely! I wish I knew more about it.

  5. Someday I will have a yard big enough for that kind of stuff. As of right now, our "back yard" is a 4 ft / 15 ft stretch of concreet between our house and garage. Yay for rent houses ;(!

  6. We can't grow anything if it makes you feel better lol. We live in an apartment.