Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2011

Around the office, I heard the words PUMPKIN SHORTAGE.  Again? 

There was one last year and I couldn't find canned pumpkin until October.  It was dismall!  Then, my husband went to  BJ's and came back with this:

My 2010 Pumpkin Stash

Is there any question why I am so in love with him?  He doesn't understand my love for pumpkins, but he sure does support it!

To get off this tangent, I went investigating after hearing a local radio DJ talking about the pumpkin shortage as I was driving home from work that day.  It turns out, it's true!  A quick google search for "pumpkin" and "pumpkin shortage 2011" appears in the drop down box.  Apparently I'm not the only one who is concerned.

According to this article from

Three main factors: First, Heavy rains in spring and early summer — and subsequent flooding — delayed the planting season for some pumpkin farmers. Second, an outbreak of a fungus called phytophthora that thrives in wet conditions wiped out many pumpkin patches. Finally, Hurricane Irene dealt a pivotal blow to pumpkin growers: One farmer in upstate New York "saw his entire crop, about 15,000 to 20,000 pumpkins, washed into Lake Champlain," says the Associated Press.

Darn you, Hurrican Irene!  You ruined basements, weddings, outdoor picnics and now pumpkins?  I am not sure how this will affect my new baby -- err, my blog -- but it is definitely a cause for concern.  I will be visiting a local orchards in the coming weeks and I will be curious to see what their crop looks like.


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