Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Drink More Pie" - Sonic Burger Pumpkin Pie Shake

Everyday on the way home from work, I pass by a Sonic.  I hardly ever eat fast food, yet I always check out their digital sign.  Their special milkshakes always sound so good.  Oreo milkshakes, red velvet cake milkshakes, and more.  I am usually put off by how unhealthy they are!  But then I saw that they have a limited edition pumpkin pie milkshake and I just had to try.  I wanted to see if it is as good or better than Dairy Queen's pumpkin pie Blizard Treat.

Sonic describes their shake as "An indulgent hand-mixed shake made with real ice cream, real pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon blended with pie crust pieces, finished with whipped topping and more pie crust pieces." (Source)

Sonic's official Pumpkin Pie Shake ad.
So I got into the drive thru.  It was a little backed up, unfortunately, so I had to wait a few minutes to even place my order.  This surprised me, considering it was 3:45.

Waiting, waiting ...
I finally placed an order for a regular size (14 ounce).  They don't have small size milkshakes!  Their regular is 20 ounces of shake and well over 1,000 calories -- out of the question.  My regular size was a little over $3 with tax.  When I pulled around to the next window, I realized that I had forgotten that you scan your own debit/credit cards at Sonic. I had to stretch a little to get the drive done.

Anyway, I finally got my milkshake.  It's in a cool cup that I'm pretty certain is meant to immulate the look of real tin cups that you find at an authentic diner.  Think Nifty Fifties.

Getting a good look before I dig in.
It was topped with bits of pie crust and I think nutmeg.  I tried some of the whipped cream first thing.  Oh my goodness!  This whipped cream was thick and a lot like REAL whipped cream that you make at home.  It wasn't at all like the stuff at coffee shops or what you get out of an aerosol can.  It was so much like homemade.

That's beautiful PA 611 in the background.
The milkshake itself was SO THICK!  I could have and should have eaten it with a spoon.  But I was on my way to pick up my daughter, so I had to make due.  The shake was truly delicious.  It tasted very much like pumpkin pie, though of course real pumkin pie is better.  I thought about letting it sit in my cup holder to melt a little, but as I am impatient, I didn't end up doing that.

The pie pieces were a bit annoying.  They kept getting stuck in the straw.  I would stop to let them fall out, then try again.  Pie pieces in a Blizzard = good.  Pie pieces in a milkshake you're meant to drink = bad idea.  If I had a spoon, this wouldn't have been a problem.  I don't know why I didn't anticipate this!  They need to provide extra-wide straws for these type of shakes.

15 mintues and a ton of calories later, I arrived at daycare feeling quite full!  I didn't completely finish it, I have to admit.  14 ounces is a LOT of shake.  Would I buy it again? Maybe next year!  Can't afford to drink 600+ calories on a regular basis.  :-)

PROS: Delicious, thick, perfect whipped cream, spicy
CONS: Super thick, pie crusts get stuck in straw, more calories than my average dinner


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