Monday, October 24, 2011

Table Talk Pumpkin Pie - just 69 cents!

Have you ever heard of Table Talk pies?  I have never noticed them or given them a second glance.  Their tagline is "America's Favorite Pie" -- have you heard of them?  I happened upon of these little pies and picked one up recently and of course I had to look into this company before posting.

So, I did some google research.  Table Talk pies are made in Worcester, MA and the company's full name is Table Talk Pies, Inc.  They started as a modest business in the 1920s with horse-pulled wagons selling their pies in local neighborhoods.  (Source:

After finding out the stories behind the pies, I was very anxious to try it out.

Found this little guy on an end-cap in Shop Rite.

Perfect little pie.

Cut a piece to get a good look.  I thought the filling and the crust tasted a lot like the Tastykake version.  It was quite yummy though, and I enjoyed it.  The filling was a creamier version of the pumpkin pie that you are used to.  The crust was quite pleasant and light.  It's not like Mom's, but it has such charm in its miniature size.  You really can't beat it for just 69 cents!  Plus, it's made right here in the USA.

370 calories per pie
Weight: 4 oz.
Made in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA!

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