Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pecan Granola Bars

My blog got a little donation today!  Thanks, Jessica!  Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pecan Granola Bars. 

Kashi is a company dedicated to making healthy snacks that "you can feel good about."  At 120 calories, that's not too bad of a snack overall.  I try to stick to 100 calorie snacks myself.

So what did I think?

It didn't taste too pumpkin-y.  I liked the texture of the gooey layer.  It was crunchy and sweet and I'm definitely held over for a little while.  I don't think I'd buy them for myself, but it was a good break from my usual snacks.  I guess I just wish it tasted more like pumpkin and spices.  It does list pumpkin puree and dried pumpkin in the ingredients, so it's there!  But it just doesn't show through.



  1. Look at you! Product reviews already! Glad you are honest. You should review some pumpkin ale next. And possibly host a giveaway of it too... :)

  2. It is funny you say that because I am getting some Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale to take camping. I'm not much a drinker, but I look forward to trying it.