Monday, October 10, 2011

Tastykake Pumpkin Pie, A Childhood Treat

It looked just like I remembered it.

Don't remember them being overbaked ...

Where is the pumpkin? I got an empty one!

Oh, it's on the other side.

Where did it go?

My mom used to get these for me all the time when I was a kid. I haven't had one in the longest time, but then I saw them in Giant one day!  So, in honor of this blog, I consumed some extra calories for the team.  I have Tastykakes about 2x a year, so I think my Tastykake quota is now met for 2011.

They don't exactly taste like pumpkin pie, but they are pumpkin-y and fun to eat.  Not to mention, they bring back childhood memories for me.  The slightly crisp crust is a nice contrast to the soft and smooth insides. It doesn't exactly taste like REAL pumpkin pie, but rather Tastykake's version of a mini, portable pumpkin pie.  I had not had one of these in about 15 years, and I think I'll have another one in another 15 years!

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